Forever His

Forever His

1 Corinthians 13: 13 – “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

Joy. Peace. Freedom.

Words that gave her radiance inside and out. She glanced at the blue skies. The sun was shining bright and it brought her a more certain glow. Her eyes twinkling, she took off her slippers and felt the smooth sand beneath her. Right before her was the most beautiful, serene sea she had laid eyes on.

She sat down and smiled. Her friends had teased her that she was in love. Genuine smiles came more often. And she knew the culprit.

Him. He was in her thoughts every minute. And the joy was inexplicable. Indescribable. Peace flooded her every being and she never thought it would be possible to be in love every day. And to be loved the way she was loved.

She looked up the sky again and she hugged herself. It has not always been this way though. Her heart had betrayed her a few months ago. She had betrayed Him in fact. She knew He was always His princess and He always wanted the best for her. But she was stubborn. She went outside His castle, not knowing she was going out into the battlefield where a princess should not be. Alas, someone came along and she found a gunshot right through her heart. She didn’t want to let that someone get into her life though but things happened so fast. She thought she was guarding her heart by going out with him but not really treating him as someone special. She closed her mind to thoughts of love and yes, Songs 2:7 greeted her every single day. But her heart, oh her heart was slowly cracking open.

 She let him happen. She let him say things that were music to her ears. And it was too late when she had let go of him. The heart had already deceived her. She wanted to cling on to him but she knew she had to come home—to the castle.

The pain had already seared deep within her when she went back to the palace where she was met by Him. He tried to heal her. He tried to get all the broken pieces to make it new. However, she kept remembering him. She kept hoping and unconsciously, she kept opening the wounds again. It was a few months before her eyes were opened. She had finally surrendered to Him every pain and burden she was holding on to. And she realized how disobedient she was. She now knew that disobedience has a price. She thought she was guarding her heart, but she let things happen. She knew better now though. And if she were to do it again, she would still choose to let go. The heartbreak was worth it. To be broken as to know His love was far more worth it. And in fact, there should have been no question of that at all—of whether it was worth it or not, because she knew that she was meant to wait for His best. And she knew without a doubt that whether there was someone out there for her, He will always be hers. And she will always be His. Her Father, her Savior, her Beloved.

Someone called out her name and she turned her head. She gave a big smile and called out “I’ll be right there! Give me a few more seconds!”

Now she’s here in this place. A place where healing always happens if you allow Him. A place of restoration and resurrection. A place where she had learned and the scars of the heart etched to remind her of how priceless she is and how it should be given completely to the only One. She’s in a place where pains of her past have been erased, knowing only the beauty of the present and the future. And a place of freedom and peace because of the blood shed by someone she didn’t know back then.

She looked at the shores and a tear rolled down. She had been swept away by a love she could never fathom. And she knew she could always come back to Him no matter what she’s done just like how the sky welcomes and embraces whatever comes, may it be the sun, the rain or the storm. She believed that she will always be simply His. Forever His.


© June 2012, Wela


My Story In A Nutshell

My Story In A Nutshell

Hi! I’m Wela. A 1984 baby but looking like years younger than that because of my small stature. A typical emotional woman. Wife to the amazing Dan Israel. Undomesticated but trying. A risk-taker. An artist by heart. Took me long zigzag years to discover my calling as a writer, even if I’ve always loved writing. I love babies. And dogs (and hamsters!). Pink calls out to me. I love listening to stories of people. Beautiful written words carry me to a breathtaking world.

A listener at the very core. But quite forgetful. I’m a heart warrior since birth. And I mean that literally…a VSD & Tetralogy of Fallot baby, pulmonary hypertension girl. Cyanotic (so don’t be surprised by my “unique, plain-looking, bluish-violet” fingers and nails). Believing for healing. I’m not perfect—my faith is on a winding journey. Some days I believe I’ll get healed, other days I just don’t care, and some days, I just get depressed about it. One thing stays constant though—who God is. And He’s a healer.

Has had my heart broken and scarred too many times. Was on identity crisis for many years. Caved in to a psychological disorder but conquered it. Withstood family drama that could rival a soap opera. Neglected my frail health. Went through my own party girl phase. Ex-atheist, former agnostic slash humanistic proponent slash feminist (which surprises people, even my family).

An introvert but an extrovert to my husband and closest friends. Used to be a wall-blocker, masquerade-wearing girl but God has opened my heart. This blog is my answer to that. I’ve slowly torn down my walls and opening my life (thoughts on that here: Tearing Down The Walls and Who Picks You Up?). Got sold out to Jesus Christ in 2008.

I am all that. But not quite. Because really, I can be all that but it won’t mean a thing IF I didn’t know the magnificent Writer behind my story, behind all the chapters of my life.
So here’s who I really am:

A work in progress who always takes in God’s grace like oxygen.
I am His beautiful workmanship whose identity and worth is found in Christ.
My security is in Him so I no longer need to pretend or keep quiet to avoid people’s judgment or get their approval.
I am His princess (because all women are!) yet I am His warrior too, because everyday we fight a battle we may or may not see.
I write but I write with the words that has freed me because The Cross has saved my life. The Cross has shaped me and will continue to do so.
I eat and breathe faith, hope, and love. Sometimes I take in sips, at times I swallow them whole.
My ID says Beautiful. Forgiven. Loved.
And what an honor. What a privilege.

He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings. And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD.

-Psalm 40:2-3