My Story In A Nutshell

My Story In A Nutshell

Hi! I’m Wela. A 1984 baby but looking like years younger than that because of my small stature. A typical emotional woman. Wife to the amazing Dan Israel. Undomesticated but trying. A risk-taker. An artist by heart. Took me long zigzag years to discover my calling as a writer, even if I’ve always loved writing. I love babies. And dogs (and hamsters!). Pink calls out to me. I love listening to stories of people. Beautiful written words carry me to a breathtaking world.

A listener at the very core. But quite forgetful. I’m a heart warrior since birth. And I mean that literally…a VSD & Tetralogy of Fallot baby, pulmonary hypertension girl. Cyanotic (so don’t be surprised by my “unique, plain-looking, bluish-violet” fingers and nails). Believing for healing. I’m not perfect—my faith is on a winding journey. Some days I believe I’ll get healed, other days I just don’t care, and some days, I just get depressed about it. One thing stays constant though—who God is. And He’s a healer.

Has had my heart broken and scarred too many times. Was on identity crisis for many years. Caved in to a psychological disorder but conquered it. Withstood family drama that could rival a soap opera. Neglected my frail health. Went through my own party girl phase. Ex-atheist, former agnostic slash humanistic proponent slash feminist (which surprises people, even my family).

An introvert but an extrovert to my husband and closest friends. Used to be a wall-blocker, masquerade-wearing girl but God has opened my heart. This blog is my answer to that. I’ve slowly torn down my walls and opening my life (thoughts on that here: Tearing Down The Walls and Who Picks You Up?). Got sold out to Jesus Christ in 2008.

I am all that. But not quite. Because really, I can be all that but it won’t mean a thing IF I didn’t know the magnificent Writer behind my story, behind all the chapters of my life.
So here’s who I really am:

A work in progress who always takes in God’s grace like oxygen.
I am His beautiful workmanship whose identity and worth is found in Christ.
My security is in Him so I no longer need to pretend or keep quiet to avoid people’s judgment or get their approval.
I am His princess (because all women are!) yet I am His warrior too, because everyday we fight a battle we may or may not see.
I write but I write with the words that has freed me because The Cross has saved my life. The Cross has shaped me and will continue to do so.
I eat and breathe faith, hope, and love. Sometimes I take in sips, at times I swallow them whole.
My ID says Beautiful. Forgiven. Loved.
And what an honor. What a privilege.

He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings. And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD.

-Psalm 40:2-3

Wela Midel

Loves fashion but has thrifty eclectic weird style! Recycling & upcycling junkie. Frustrated DIY crafter. Writer by profession. In love with life. Obsessed with Jesus. She also writes at The Home Based Dream and Meet WelDan.