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Hey 2015!

Hey 2015!

2015…you came and went like a wind.

This year, I left the single life. I am now and always will be a wife. I’ve become a navigator too—unsurely navigating the waters of being a wife and a freelancer. Been learning how to tread the balance of being a wife, a homemaker, and a freelancer while holding on to these artistic/entrepreneurial dreams (oh my, do I daydream a lot!). And I am still in awe at how business moms and wives juggle it all.

This year, I got reunited with my monsters—laziness, procrastination, depression, worries, anxieties, persecutions. But you also gave me my bestest friend—my husband. You gave me my forever prayer partner, who would bring me back to God and jolt me awake whenever I get these awful episodes.

My husband and I, we’re not perfect. Marriage brings out both the best and the worst in you. We’re both learning the ropes in handling marriage, household life, finances, freelance work, ministry, and starting businesses.

This year gave us Victory Talisay Cebu. We never ever thought we’d end up Southside of Cebu (although I’ve always had the heart for helping church plants). This year brought us back to where we got close—Communications Ministry.

This year was a restoration of our finances. And I have to admit, I am amazed and absolutely grateful. But because of what happened last year, I was scared at the same time. 2015 taught me to be generous (because I am extremely thrifty and the hubby is totally generous) and it’s still an ongoing lesson.

And lastly, 2015 gave me boldness. This year, I was a writer, editor, social media curator, blogger, and poet. I dared to dream bigger. And I dared to really believe in them. I dared to be open. Writing words to be read by everyone is not easy for me. But I learned to be more open. Because I finally had the courage to.

So here’s what I learned:

– Freelancing is not easy. I am not the most disciplined person there is because an artist does not jive much with order and discipline.

– Navigating the different areas of marriage is not simple. It’s a balancing act that requires much prayers, strength, and again, discipline.

– Never ever take non-disposable friendships for granted. But don’t forget to meet new people and make new friends. With Christians, aren’t we called to make disciples? How can we if we stick to our comfort zone, to our clique group? We must keep forging new relationships.

– In this digital and social media world where opinions are thrown every day, objective people are in short supply. We operate in a world that has so many wonderful, weird, crazy, so-called wrong, and so-called right ideas and perceptions and this is exactly why there is such a word as RESPECT. This is why you choose which ones you fight for and which ones you let go of because sometimes things are just so not worth flipping over, and not worth losing a relationship for.

– Choose your battles wisely…the same thing goes with your emotions. Choose which ones you want to focus on. If you can’t help it, choose how to deal with it and I hope you choose well.

– I am still astounded at God’s gift called love and grace.

Oh, 2015 made me cry a lot. It has made me dream and wonder too much. It has given me a feast of change, wonder, and God’s grace. But like what I said, it came too fast and I hardly had the time to absorb it all. So for 2016, I want to be intentional. That’s my word for next year.

– Intentional in our pursuit of God, powerfully seeking Him each and every day.
– Intentional in supporting my husband and being a better homemaker.
– Intentional with our time.
– Intentional in taking care of our health and the blessings He has given us.
– Intentional in building our dreams.
– Intentional with what I’m teaching my readers.
– Intentional in meeting with people.
– Intentional in loving people.

(more on this on future blog posts!)

What now? It’s time to bid adieu to 2015…and hello to 2016. Thank you Lord for everything…and I mean every thing. 🙂 And I pray for you to have an exciting, wonderful 2016!