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Summer Love

Summer Love

*I was looking for a poem that would be good for our Summer Love event last April (2012) but I couldn’t find anything I wanted so I made this poem in less than 5 minutes. And yes, some lines are inspired by Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. 😉

Hungry. Thirsty. Feverish.
I’ve heard it everywhere
In a love song. In a movie screen.
In my dreams.
Yet I cannot reach it
Oh where do I find thee?
My heart beats unknowingly
And I keep looking

Shall I compare you to a summer’s solstice?
This period, this season is just taking so long
Most times the sun is too hot
And the thirst I cannot seem to quench
This incessant desire is taking hold over me

But I caught a glimpse of your love
I found my Beloved. The Lover of my Soul.
Towards You my heart has gravitated
And I finally understood that
People fail at love, at capturing this heart
Aeroplaning my soul with despair and sadness

But You, oh You are the green wonder of my years
I’ve been caught in this sunny place
Cloudless days no longer mirror my spirit
And my smile reaches to the far ends of the sea

And yes, I shall compare you to a summer’s day
Your light embracing every inch of my being
I take delight in Your passion
I take joy in who You are

My summer love
The Author of love shapes my destiny
No longer am I in hunger
My thirst has been quenched
The fire ignited
The heart captivated

© 04.2012, Wela


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